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Welcome to G7 - The GYM where you will feel as if you were at home.

Despite our size (which is over 1500 square meters) we consider ourselves as a boutique GYM with limited amount of 500 memberships. Friendly English speaking staff including the best personal trainers in Lithuania will gladly help during your visit to keep your shape or to achieve long willing results in most efficient time.


We have 4 spaces available at your service:

  1. Group training hall – which is open for everyone when there are no group training sessions taking place used for personal yoga, meditation, martial arts etc.

  2. Functional training hall with free weights, cross core, balance equipment, bouldering wall.

  3. Training hall with lots of weigh machines, free weights, cardio equipment.

  4. Basketball hall – yes we do have the full size basketball court.


Please book your free visit via e.mail adress: info@grybo7.lt  or by phone +370 620 37777

Bear in mind that we will ask for some sort of personal ID to get you registered.

Hope to see you soon at G7 - Your Gym in Vilnius

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